Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Every once in a while I get the opportunity to blog about something boat or water related outside of the Chesapeake Bay. There was our boat trip to Atlantic City a few years back. Then we had an amazing time snorkeling with manatees in Florida one December. This time, it was a trip to Bermuda.

First off, no, we did not take the boat to Bermuda. That is the first question everyone asked us when they heard about the trip. While it is possible to boat to Bermuda, there were two things standing in our way:
  1. We were only going on a 6 day trip. We had sailboat friends that sailed to Bermuda from NYC and it took them 5 days straight to get there. Our entire vacation would have been spent getting to Bermuda.
  2. Our boat isn't really built for that sort of travel. Plus, there aren't any gas stations along the way.
So, we flew.

There were a couple key boating related sites that I just had to see.

Did you know that Bermuda is home to the world's smallest drawbridge? The Somerset Bridge is only 32 inches wide. Want proof? I was able to stand on either side of the bridge.
The hand-operated drawbridge is just wide enough to allow a sailboat's mast.
The bridge has been rebuilt in modern times but it can be found in historical records dating back to 1620.

We also climbed 185 steps to the top of one of the world's oldest cast iron lighthouses. Gibb's Hill Lighthouse has aided sailors since 1846. Our first glimpse of the lighthouse was from the golf course at our hotel.
Visitors can climb to the top for a mere $2.50.
We stayed at the Fairmont Southampton and could see sheltered coves from our balcony.

If any runners read this blog, I highly recommend the Bermuda Running Festival. The races were the initial reason for our trip. You can test your endurance and sanity by running the Bermuda Triangle Challenge -- Friday evening is the Front Street Mile, Saturday morning is the Bermuda 10K, and Sunday morning is the Bermuda Half-Marathon or Marathon. Runners that complete all three races receive 4 medals celebrating their accomplishment. I completed the Half Marathon challenge and came home with some serious bling. The courses are absolutely beautiful, the crowd support is genuine, and the weather is perfect for running. Add it to your calendar for next January.
Running related trips have also taken us to the Bay Bridge Marina and St. Michaels. Any suggestions on where we should go next?

Lastly, we did not leave our boat and cats unattended for six days during the cold winter in Baltimore. Weekend warrior friends of ours are considering the liveaboard lifestyle. We asked them to "boatsit" while we were gone so they could get a taste of the floating life. It was a win-win situation. We had someone to take care of everything and they got a fun experience. No word yet on if the long weekend has put them on a liveaboard fast-track or has "cured" them of any desire to liveaboard.

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  1. That drawbridge is amazing! Congratulations again on the race…you are just killing it with these races!!