Monday, February 23, 2015

Scenes from a Winter Wonderland

As most of the East Coast is painfully aware, this has been a bitterly cold winter. Here are a few scenes from the past few weeks at the marina:

Most of the marina is iced in.
We bought an ice eater at the boat show this past fall.
It's been getting quite a workout keeping the ice from around our hull.
The boys fished this piece of ice out while adding an ice eater to another boat. It's a few inches thick.
I've always liked how icicles look hanging from the roof of a house. They are just as pretty on a boat.
Thanks to Doug for taking this picture early one morning before anyone added footprints to the snow.
An unexpected 8 inches on top of the ice makes boats appear to be sitting on land.
Frozen drink anyone?
Kayak? Or sled?
Looking out the salon windows after the snow storm.
This bird likes to keep his dinner on ice.


  1. Wow! Seeing the snow from your home is amazing. It just gives it a whole different feel, but just as magical.

    1. Thanks! It really is lovely. It sometimes still feels odd to see snow on a boat.