Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Preventing Abuse of Tasty Adult Beverages

Nobody wants to drink wine from a red solo cup. Glass or crystal seems like the preferred way to go but both are easily breakable on a boat (remember my post about new "unbreakable" dinnerware?). Many stores sell acrylic wine glasses for patio parties and picnics. Acrylic is great - it's durable and easy to store. There's one small problem:

White wine gets warm very quickly in an acrylic wine glass. Martinis are disgustingly warm within seconds (ok, maybe minutes).

When we moved aboard two years ago, the old owners left their acrylic wine and martini glasses. We used them, begrudgingly, for about eight months. All the while we were on the lookout for the perfect boat wine glass.

We finally found the solution about a year-and-a-half ago: STAINLESS STEEL!
New glasses in the front. Old acrylic glasses in the back.
They are made by Cuisinox and work like a charm. We requested a set of four of each for Christmas that year and have been using them ever since. Frankly, I can't find anything wrong with them:
  • White wine and martinis stay as cold as they would in glass vessels (perhaps even longer).
  • Red wine keeps a good temperature, too.
  • They look classy.
  • We get lots of comments on them while walking the docks. (Some people refer to them as our "pimp glasses.")
  • I would recommend these to people even if they aren't living on a boat.
We've kept a couple of the acrylic glasses around in case we want a drink while floating in the water during a raft-up. I don't want to send one of the stainless steel glasses into the deep for the fish to enjoy.

What tricks have you found to make liveaboard life more elegant?

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