Wednesday, July 15, 2015

More Boating, Less Fighting

"I could never live in such tight quarters with my husband."
"Do you ever get time alone?"
"Gee, you must REALLY love your husband."
"You guys are crazy. I would have killed my wife by now."

Those are the types of things I hear all the time from people that still live in houses. Yet, my husband had an neat epiphany recently -- Since moving on board two years ago, we have fought less with each other. In fact, I would say that our relationship is stronger than ever.

Now, don't let your mind go too far. We didn't argue a lot before moving on board. But we did have fights. I may have even stomped away from an argument. They were typical, low-key disagreements.

During the past two years we haven't had more than a minor tiff. I guess we could attribute this to a few things:
  • With limited space communication is a must!
  • If you are unhappy, you can go down to the stateroom or walk the docks but you can't stew for hours in another wing of a McMansion.
  • We've now been married 14 years and have finally figured it out.
  • We have less physical stuff so there isn't as much to argue about.
  • A life that seems less complex.
  • Life on boat is less stressful.
  • And my personal favorite -- WE ARE JUST SO HAPPY IN LIVEABOARD LIFE.
I'm not saying that living on a boat is the secret to all marriage woes. If one of you doesn't like boats it may even push you further apart. But, for those of you called by the sea. Those that need to be rocked to sleep by the waves. Those that believe that flip flops, bathing suits, and maybe a pair of shorts and a t-shirt are a perfectly acceptable weekend wardrobe. Buy a boat! Move on board!

Note: I did get Doug's approval before publishing this post. We don't want the blog to start causing fights. :)

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  1. Wow, it's been two years?! I always thought I would push Rob over the side if we lived on a boat, but I bet it does make a relationship stronger, for many reasons.