Monday, February 10, 2014

Signs You Live on a Boat -- Part 2

Ready for part 2? Here are 18 more signs that you live on a boat. Once again, thank you to the original poster for this great list. I have simply added my comments in red.

You can find the first 15 signs that you live on a boat here.

16. You are content knowing that sailing is code for boat repair in exotic places. For now, "exotic" equals Middle River. But one day...

17. You can assemble a gourmet dinner using only one pot and a sport. There are no sporks on this boat. But we have heated cans of vegetables on the grill and an electric skillet has become our best friend.

18. Doing laundry involves a net bag, a moving boat, and 50 feet of line. Have you seen the water in Baltimore? My laundry would come out dirtier than it started. And the Chesapeake Bay is brackish, so I'll stick with an actual washing machine.

19. You have to put up an umbrella inside. Unless I'm drying out the umbrella I sure hope this never happens.

20. When asked for a piece of scratch paper, you hand them 80 grit.

21. You truly don’t want anything for Chistmas that doesn’t come in PDF form or install on a Kindle. We also accept gift cards to West Marine.

22. You only get seasick on land. This actually happened to me recently! I was on land for many days in a row and felt the world move.

23. Cardboard boxes, wrappers, and packing foam are thrown away before anything goes to the boat. I tend to sort through the mail as I'm walking down the pier. Junk mail never makes it on the boat because there are trash cans and recycling bins along the way.

24. You define a good anchorage as one where you can get WiFi. We love having WiFi at our marina!

25. A fifteen minute job always takes an hour and a half since you have to pull everything out of all the storage lockers to find the right part, then the right tool, then put it all back. Yup!

26. Your wallet contains more boat cards than business cards. They are in my rolodex, but yes.

27. You know what a boat card is. My husband originally made fun of me for creating boat cards. They have come in handy many times. (For landlubbers -- a boat card is a business card with your contact information and boat name. Boaters hand them out to people they meet in marinas so they can meet up again.)

28. When visiting ashore, you wake everybody at daylight screaming “We’re Aground” when you open your eyes and see trees.

29. You define an easy chore as one where you only had to pull out 3 tool bags.

30. You covet new solar panels more than a new car. The boat next to us has solar panels. They are so pretty! Another boat on our dock as a wind turbine. So jealous!

31. You can identify boats by the sound of their halyard slapping against their mast. As a power boater, this one doesn't apply to me.

32. Removing things from the refrigerator is like playing Jenga. When we first moved on I had no idea how I would ever fit everything we need in the fridge. Somehow it has worked out but it can be interesting.

33. You gave up high heels for flipflops. There are still a couple pairs of heels on board but I despise walking to the main dock in them. Besides, every girl needs a pair of high heels.

36 more reasons to go. Check back soon!

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