Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Signs You Live on a Boat - Part 3

Many thanks to the original poster of this list. The list is so much fun that I had to re-post it with my own comments in red.

34. You’ve accidently put your life jacket on in a grocery store parking lot out of habit. I don't carry my life jacket in the car, so, no I haven't done this, yet.
35. You walk in the rain all the way back to your boat, carrying a backpack, a load of laundry,  groceries destined to fall out of their bag at any second… all while thinking how lucky you are. Or in 10 degree weather with 35 mph winds. I still have a million dollar view!
36. Filling the water tanks is a full day’s work. It takes a little while but I can do other chores at the same time. It's also interesting that the topic of water tank size is normal conversation around a marina. How often do your landlubber friends ask each other how big their home water tank is? 
37. The only thing you do religiously on Sundays is wonder what day it is. We joke that we attend "Our Lady of the Brackish Water" religiously on Sundays. AKA we anchor out with friends on the Chesapeake Bay.
38. The first thing you do after setting the hook is check to see who you know in the anchorage. Especially at Fairlee Creek or the City Dock in Annapolis where we have run into unexpected friends.
39. Cutting the grass means diving over the side. Grass? Is that the green stuff people have in their yards?
40. You find a sea otter lounging in your cockpit when you get home. We've found ducks lounging on the swim platform and have had herons land on the hard top. No sea otters yet.
41. You think the roof leaking a little is no big deal. I think the isinglass leaking is no big deal. Anything inside the cabin would be a big deal to me.
42. You wonder why it’s always low tide when taking stuff on or off the boat. Hooray for floating docks!
43. A warm rum and coke won’t turn your stomach. Some people think this means I'm not a real boater but rum (warm or cold) will turn my stomach. I'm a vodka and tequila girl.
44. When you try to sleep on land you find you can only sleep in hammock after rocking it.
45. You understand and pay attention to the entire weather forecast. I'm a big fan of the Marine forecast on Wunderground.
46. You spend weekends sitting in your cockpit with a boat hook beside you, waiting to fend off the next rental boat operator. Definitely been there.
47. You can heat your home with a Bic lighter. We like our oil-filled electric radiators.
48. Every time you consider buying something the main consideration is what you’ll have to get rid of to make room for it. Especially when it comes to shoes!
49. When visiting ashore you catch yourself pumping the handle on a faucet. Our faucets work like land faucets but I have been momentarily confused by a land toilet.
50. You consider a three minute shower luxurious. Aahhhhhh!
51. You covet your neighbor’s oven more than his wife. I do covet full-sized ovens.
If you missed them, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this list. The final post in this series will be available in a couple of days.

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