Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Signs You Live on a Boat -- Part 1

Another boater posted this fantastic link for 69 Signs You Live on Boat. Below is the original author's list in black font, with my comments in red. For the sake of sanity, I'll break the list into four separate posts -- read one, all, or parts. Many thanks to "Andrew" for a list that made me laugh out loud numerous times.
  1. Sleeping in a house makes you feel claustrophobic because there isn’t a hatch overhead to look at the stars. Sadly, my stateroom doesn't have a hatch because the aft sunroom sits directly above it (wouldn't that be awkward). But the VIP stateroom has a hatch. Previous boats have had a hatch above my bed and I do miss looking at the stars.
  2. You know smaller is actually sometimes better. Sometimes? I'm starting to think all times.
  3. You find yourself bleeding from random places at random times. I've always been clumsy and bruise like a peach. So this is nothing new for me.
  4. You and your girlfriend define “taking a break” as moving about six feet apart and looking in opposite directions. Or taking a walk through the marina.
  5. You avoid telling people you live on a boat just so you don’t have to explain to them how you shower… again. Or how I do my laundry, or where I put my clothes, or if I have a TV, or....
  6. You are obsessed with the humidity…indoors. Hooray for Pingis.
  7. You think butter only comes soft. Well, my butter is in my fridge, so it's not always soft.
  8. All of your pots have removable handles. We had high hopes for our lovely Calphalon pots and pans. Sadly, they don't work as well as the cheap stuff on our electric stove. And finding space for everything has been an ever-changing challenge.
  9. When invited to dinner at someone’s house you ask if you can have a shower. I've never actually asked to use someone's shower, but I have been offered the use of a bathtub by numerous friends.
  10. When invited to dinner at someone’s house you ask if you can do your laundry. I have not! But the fact that I did many loads of laundry at the marina office has been part of bar conversations.
  11. The doctor assumes your body covered in random bruises is a sign of physical abuse. See number 3.
  12. You are the only one who doesn’t want to win the big screen TV at the charity raffle. In my case, I'm the only one that doesn't pick up bags and bags of free advanced readers copies of books at the American Library Association meeting. But yes, we do not want to win any large prizes.
  13. You think CSI is some sort of yacht club racing acronym. Isn't everything an acronym for boating?
  14. Kids think you’re the coolest person on earth. Most of my adult friends do to. They love telling people about their "friends that live on a boat."
  15. When you don’t like the neighborhood you just untie and move. While we love our current "neighborhood" we have scoped out places for a few years forward.
Check back soon for another 15 from the list.

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